Internet down AGAIN

(Modem utterly f*cked)

So I am here to check my mails.

internet wall

Yes, outside. It’s pouring with rain, freezing cold and the computer is at shoulder height. Sheltered from the worst of the wet by a strategically placed Leilandii.

Thanks very much indeed, free wifi provider at the end of the road, whoever you are.

3 Replies to “Internet down AGAIN”

  1. Modem functional again, just, but clearly shuffling off its mortal coil. I fear a replacement will have to be found. The weather is too inclement to spend much time standing at the wall at the end of the road. I did, however, consider muffling myself up in many layers and parking next to it in the van. That way I would remain (relatively, given the numerous leaks) dry.

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