Three browns and three golds

My proud phallic lens (a “pro” lens) has been reclaimed by its original owner. Luckily I anticipated this eventuality and held back a kit lens (aka “bog standard”) from the great camera equipment sell-off. The former, whilst obviously both proud, fondlable and very phallic, was rather heavy. High quality equals lots of glass. The latter whilst of considerably lesser dimensions is concomitantly light and thus easier for my puny hands and wrists to tote about. I have, however, lost 24mm (in 35mm terms) of focal length (ie the old one zoomed in a bit further) and I’m having to get used to that lack. But it means getting in closer and cropping in harder.



in the gutter, bedewed with diamonds

It was a beautiful sunny morning. I loitered through the park on the return leg of the morning school run while Maizy pulled and puffed on the end of the lead, teased beyond endurance by squirrels, pigeons and parrots who chittered, strutted and shrieked just beyond her range, heedless of her reputation as a fearless hunter.

look at me!

two leaves


Luckily the park is full of railings to which I can attach her so she doesn’t jog the camera. These, and more, can be seen here.

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  1. as a boy i could never take our dog with me when i went fishing. she was a cocker spaniel and constantly leapt into the river trying to retrieve the fly after i cast. no railings to tie her to unfortunately…

  2. Thanks m-l and Lucy. I love the haiku, TG. They’re sprinkled like glitter across the ‘sphere.

    I so know the feeling alan! but that must have been particularly frustrating.

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