Now you see them, now you don't

Or vice versa. I’m talking of the banner image and the whitish page background. Both images, both defined in the stylesheet. Only not to the satisfaction of internet explorer.

So I fiddled and succeeded in making them disappear in firefox too. I’ve fiddled again. They’ve reappeared in firefox. Any sign of them in internet explorer? or is it still all-over grey with a blue topping?

Secondspawn was finally well enough to go back to school today… but firstspawn was off. It’s a serial infirmary here. Who will be next, me or Maizy? She at least has heterosis in her favour, unlike the blasted “oriental breed” Cat who is no doubt suffering from inbreeding depression and will soon require a therapist of his own. Unfortunately Maizy’s lack lack of opposable thumbs (and various other qualities) will not, I fear, make the best of nurses should I succumb to the dreaded lurgy. I knew it was a mistake getting a dog. I knew I should have got a dolphin.

7 Replies to “Now you see them, now you don't”

  1. It’s all okay now in Firefox. I really like it with the larger and new colour header. It still loads with a grey background momentarily before going to white – I don’t know if that is intentional or not? Beautiful Ukraine girls? What is that supposed to be a propos of?

  2. Hurrah. Thanks for the feedback.

    The appearance of foreign pulchritude announcing its matrimonial availability via the postal service is, I’m assuming, a result of the Global Voices headlines in the right-hand column mentioning the country in question.

    I’m trying to hoover up and block the said ads which can only done on a url by url basis. Sigh. If you spot an particularly egregious example maybe you could mail me the url it’s referring to and I can add it to the list.

    The grey-first-then-white business is probably because the site’s slow to load because of the ads. At least the white now appears, even if rather slowly.

  3. My rss feed? just now? no. Not at all ever, as far as I know. But then, what *do* I know? I did, however, stifle the amount shown in the feed a couple of days ago. Maybe that accounts for it.

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