links for 2007-11-09

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  1. Damn. Ok, so the banner image isn’t loading for some reason, nor is the “background” image for the page which gives it the natty graded borders and the white background. I have absolutely no idea why IE6 would fail to load them. I shall endeavour to find out. (Fuc**ng IE)

    Dave – yes. The theory was that it would encourage people to click through to read and then click on the exciting adverts. The ability to place the ads in the RSS feed is still in a closed beta. Does this mean nobody at all will read me ever? (no, don’t answer that).

  2. Ok, I’ve changed the colour of the blog name link which should make it show up against the IE blue background if my attempt to make the image display properly hasn’t worked.

    If anyone spots the banner image while on IE6/Win XP please let me know it’s worked!

  3. It’s not helpful to say that anyone on XP should be using IE7 by now. But they should, for security reasons if nothing else. That’s why I can’t test in IE6

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