Improving, I hope

The blog template is now too wide because I made it that way. I have a wide screen and don’t have to look at it on a normal monitor. Also, and actually primarily, because I seem to insist on posting pictures that are 600 pixels across. If I wasn’t so greedy and went down to 500 pixels then the right hand side wouldn’t fall off the edge of a normal screen.

The new banner is taken from a photograph looking up at the Tate Modern at all the people inside looking out and down. Caged by culture? Audience or exhibit? or, as the original picture had it, “The World as a Stage”. These ambiguities and reflexivities appeal.

The tweaks, and sorting out the colours, have taken all day. Whilst up to my elbows in php (no, I have no idea what that even stands for) I did discover an RSS feed for all comments which is something I find very useful on other people’s blogs. So I’ve implemented it here. Down the bottom on the right of the sidebar under “Meta”.

Secondspawn is still at home feeling seedy and looks set to be off school again tomorrow. Nothing too serious though. There is an outbreak of measles at his school due, I presume, to parents believing all the utterly ridiculous, unfounded and highly irresponsible scare stories about the MMR vaccine in the media. Luckily bothspawn were promptly injected at all appropriate moments so secondspawn merely has a cold rather than a life-threatening disease which, if it didn’t kill him, could leave him deaf, blind or brain-damaged. Ooh, was that a little rant that slipped out there? I do apologise.

Cat is eating like a horse. No knitting has been accomplished.

11 Replies to “Improving, I hope”

  1. Much better now, and it looks fine with adblock on, too. Which maybe some other of your visitors will use. PHP is the big reason I have never tried WordPress. I really don’t need the opportunities for procrastination offered by a shiny new language.

    The cat has a manger?

  2. Dave – I can’t, at the moment, find a way of making the blog title not further obscure the head of the man on the left. I suppose I should try to make the whole banner link to home rather than just the title.

    acb – better a cat with a manger than a cat with mange, as the ancient proverb has it. Unfortunately the dog sometimes gets in it.

  3. I like it, and I LOVE the photo. But I would want to have a brighter accent colour for at least the title, with such a dark photo. And maybe the post header colour is a bit too similar to the predominant tones of the photo? What do I know? I changed my blog banner about 20 times last night (thank goodness almost no one reads it, so my antics probably went mostly unobserved) and am still not sure and may go back to how it was before.

  4. Oh dear, that’s not right. Could be something to do with the browser’s cache. I spend so much time mucking about and changing it yesterday I’m amazed anyone can see anything at all. If the banner picture doesn’t appear after you’ve held down the shift key and clicked on the “refresh” button could you tell me which browser/operating system are you using?

  5. Jean, thanks 🙂 Colour, schmolour. You should have seen some of the earlier combinations which were just vile. I rather *like* the fact that the colours work together. But you are not alone among advisors in advocating something brighter. I shall think further.

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