"This is the world's largest collection of anatomically correct fabric brain art"

So goes the opening line of at the web site of The Museum of Fabric Brain Art. It’s probably safe (but I can’t prove it) to say it’s the world’s only collection of anatomically correct fabric brain art. “As featured in Science and Knitting Help“.

This is just too exquisitely wonderful for words. Science and Knitting Help. Juxtapositions don’t get much better than that.

There’s a knitted brain, ffs. With a zip. At the corpus collosum. (So it says on this site which has more information about the artwork in question and an accompanying animation and poster. I would have just said that the hemispheres can be zipped together.)

Apparently Karen Norburg “began knitting a brain to kill time when she was undergoing clinical training in child psychiatry”. She’s also a Medical Research Fellow, when she’s not knitting. “Building a brain with yarn and knitting needles turns out to follow many of the same pathways as actual brain development,” she says.

That is so many kinds of holy wow I’ve actually lost count.

The original link is from the ever-gorgeous Mind Hacks. I’m really profoundly pissed off to be unavailable to be a participant in Mr Mind Hacks (aka Vaughan)’s research. The dates for volunteers to do their stuff are exactly those of my long-anticipated photo-etching course. To think, I might have been in with the chance of a brain scan all of my very own. Dammit dammit dammit!