Louise Bourgeois rocks. Hard.

Too tired for words. Rather breakable right now. But it was just wonderful to go to the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Tate Modern with a wonderful friend. And… the camera!

cell 1

There is its shadow poking, in a rather sinister fashion, into one of Bourgeois’ “cells”.

Here’s part of another cell. That blue and that red seem to be very important colours in Bourgeois’ personal palette.

cell 2

I hadn’t seen any of her sewn fabric sculptures before. Incredibly powerful.


Apparently she met my all-time sculpture hero, Constantin Brancusi, in 1950. The inspiration is clear.

brancusi phase

Couldn’t resist the (belated) halloween appeal of this hanging sculpture, at least from this particular vantage-point. Move in any direction, though, and all was changed utterly.


The big (huge) spider sculpture which was commissioned for the opening of the Tate and dominated the Turbine Hall is back, straddling a substantial area outside the building. It is, of course, called Maman (mother). This spider is small, about the size of my camera, but was something I could relate to powerfully nonetheless.


And here’s a picture that isn’t someone’s art, merely a street. But I liked the way the building and its reflection talked to each other.

mind the gap

It is so, so good to have the camera back. And I shall be going back to the exhibition if possible. It’s unmissable.

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  1. I’ve wanted to see this artist’s work for years, so I’m quite envious of you. Such marvelous photos, thank you, rr. Glad you’ve got your camera back.

  2. Your photos are fantastic! I too am so glad you have the camera back! The second is my favourite, of course, because I loved the ‘Red Room’ enclosures so much.

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