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  1. glucocorticoids are hormones produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress: they send instructions to the liver to kick up blood sugar, and they also suppress the immune system. (I’m not sure if that’s accidental or if there’s some advantage to it. Artificially produced hormones of this sort are used to treat autoimmune diseases; if the immune system is going to attack the body itself, then suppressing it can seem like a good idea.)

    The idea of trying to monkey with the glucocorticoid levels artificially is typical western medicine. There’s a perfectly good traditional method for reducing glucocorticoid levels; it’s called “sleep.”

  2. As someone who has never breastfed I can confirm that it happens anyway.
    Darling Ilan’s mum was thinking of hiring herself as a wetnurse recently, said the idea really appealed and she couldn’t get him to drink it all.
    Your links are always so frustratingly tempting, I can’t get round them all…

  3. For the record, breastfeeding does NOT make your boobs saggy. Wearing a bad bra, especially during pregnancy, does. Here speaks a fully qualified NCT bra fitter. So there.

    As for wet-nursing, I have actually got as far as searching online for wet-nursing agencies, as I hear they do now exist in the UK. Haven’t found any yet. Was just reading something on Veronika Robinson’s blog about the same thing.

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