Double dendritic delight

The latest Festival of the Trees is up at Windywillow! and it’s got two branches – a frightful one (with accompanying howl, turn the sound down if you’re easily startled) and a fruitful one. Both are well-foliaged with beautiful pictures and words. (Yes, I toyed with the idea of their being well hung, but thought I’d already ridden that one on a previous occasion. So to speak.)

(And more delight – I am going to see Orchestra Baobab when they are in London. When I was at the bottom of the pit and could barely exist at all theirs was the only music I could listen to. They hold a really special place in my heart and I am overjoyed that I shall see them play in a great venue. Last time (the only time) I saw them play was in Dakar (back in the raised-from-the-dead archives there, sorry about the unavoidable discontinuity in appearance). It was a stadium concert and they are so “old fashioned” in domestic Senegalese terms that they were about the first band on in a huge line-up and when they played audience barely covered a handkerchief. So I was right at the front! In London the smallish venue will be crammed full of devoted fans so the atmosphere will be wonderful, I hope. Now all I need to do is find a sitter for the boys. Also the camera is cured and I shall probably pick it up tomorrow so I may be able to take some pictures of them. And other stuff before then, no doubt. Oh joy! oh happiness!)

5 Replies to “Double dendritic delight”

  1. I’m very lazy about following sidelong links. Only just followed yours to Dakar. You MET Baaba Maal and Youssou N’Dour?!!! Sheesh. How can anything ever feel exciting again?

  2. Heh. My life has had moments of great excitement and I have been lucky and privileged for sure. Done amazing things, met extraordinary people, been to wonderful places. Sometimes I appreciated it at the time, other times (regrettably) I didn’t really realise my good fortune. Maybe the arrogance of youth? I don’t miss it at all though. Well, the youth I do, but the lifestyle? no way!

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