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  1. He meditates? oh that is so very satisfying! If only we could get more politicians to meditate, ie pause and be with themselves, I’m sure it would really make a difference. But I don’t hold out much hope. I think political life in the 21st century is pretty much only tolerable to the kind of person who totally hates the idea…

  2. ps trying to remember if I ever met Joaquim Chissano when I was working in international politics. I think so, but not for long enough to remember much more than what he looks like.

  3. Well there’s a small picture of him here. I’ve seen him from a distance and various conferences but never met him.

    I remember very good things about the Mozambican prison system from my days at Amnesty although whether it’s still so advanced I have no idea. I think many of the legal and constitutional aspects of post-independence Mozambique were influenced by Albi Sachs who is another great man.

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