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bernard's mittens
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Bernard‘s mittens are now ready to be despatched to the no doubt cold-handed one. Orange, as requested. With a jolly sensible cord to run down the sleeves and across the back of the warm winter garment to prevent individual and collective mitten loss. This is indispensable for small children, in my experience. For larger children, of course, it is extremely embarrassing. But Bernard won’t mind I’m absolutely sure. Click to embiggen the image and have the full Skitch experience.

I started off with this vintage pattern but found the instructions unreliable (the number of stitches didn’t add up which is always worrying), reading as though they’d been badly translated from some distant language and the result mutantly long and thin. So then I turned to this pattern and am very happy with the result. I’m hoping to receive visual evidence that Bernard is too, when they arrive.

I still haven’t started the Austenesque project because I want to run up a scarf for a friend before winter really sets in, but the yarn hasn’t arrived yet. So I’m halfway through the rather peculiar purple silk armwarmers I mentioned getting wool and pattern for back in May. The pattern calls for it to be knitted in the round but I don’t have the right needles so I’m doing them on two needles and will either graft the edges together or put a series of small buttons and loops on each side. Although that seems like a bit of a faff.

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I don’t recommend embiggening that picture since it’s so naff. But you get the general idea of the outrageous ruffle even if the colour is unrecognisable (phonecam under artificial light – nasty, and purple is always difficult). I enjoyed colouring in the background pink though. Very therapeutic at this hour of the morning. I suppose I should get to bed.

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  1. marvelous! I love them both. But could you provide a glossary for you benighted transatlantic friends? “Faff” and “Naff”? I want to write a Dr Seuss-ish book about their adventures, they’re just syllables to me, but delightful ones πŸ™‚

    In any case, off to bed with you!

  2. Faff = something that is too much trouble.
    Naff = a very poor effort. Lame. Quite hopeless.

    So excited about the mittens. Today he wore my knitted orange beanie hat under his cycle helmet. Now that is naff, since I am the amateur knittress (Dale, I made that word up). I will try to obtain a photo of both.

  3. Ah, thanks Karen πŸ™‚

    Mittens are in the lap of the gods, or rather the box of the posties. Which given my recent experience of their service is just as unreliable. Very much looking forward to seeing orange-accessorized Bernard looking toasty.

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