Flying saucers in the sunshine

Well that was a particularly gloomy previous post. Today has been a bit weird. I made complicated childcare arrangements (it’s half term and the boys are on holiday) in order to go to a particularly important meeting on the outskirts of London at 11am, got there and discovered that it was actually supposed to be at 1pm. I couldn’t hang around because 1pm was the time the childcare arrangements expired.

At least it was a lovely sunny day.

flying saucers

Remember flying saucers? Sweet bubbles of thick rice paper enclosing a rustling sizzle of sherbet powder? I always thought the best way to eat them was to stick them to the roof of your mouth with your tongue and allow them to dissolve slowly, the sharp fizz of the sherbet working its way slowly but ever more insistently through the glutinous layer of deliquescing rice paper.

Obviously there’s some uncultured oik in the neighbourhood who seriously lacks discrimination in the finer things of life. These sad, broken saucer superstructures had been discarded on a bench at the station, eviscerated and left to, well, dissolve probably, eventually.

But they looked quite pretty all the same.

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  1. “Oik” is a wonderful word. I think I had forgotten it. If you don’t mind, I’m going to borrow it, and in exchange I’ll lend you “lolo”. I realize it’s not equivalent in value, but it’s all I have on me right now. Thanks!

  2. Funny, I got to thinking about those things the other day, because the porridge dried in a thin layer around the sides of the non-stick saucepan which produced a substance very similar to rice paper, and I wondered if the rice paper flying saucers still existed, I loved them, or anything with sherbert. it’s a great picture.

  3. sometimes you just want the sherbet, and quickly.

    or maybe he/she had it in mind to make a quick few quid and emptied the sherbet into wraps and headed off to sell them in the dark as speed. i should think it would fizz nicely as it went up your nose.

    they left you a great still life anyway.

  4. Flying wraps! of course. That must be it.

    Lucy, when I visit you I shall bring some. For old time’s sake 🙂

    Kuahine, that’s a really great word! I shall use it often no doubt to the puzzlement of my audience. I’m not sure how it should be pronounced but then neither will they be so it doesn’t matter. I shall say it with conviction and everyone will be fooled.

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