A case when Lessing is definitely more

So utterly superb. Doris Lessing wins the Nobel Prize for Literature:

Permanent Secretary Horace Engdahl said, “I think it was a big surprise to everyone and probably to herself. She was not home when I phoned, she is not waiting for my call.”

So much so that she was out shopping. And came back to a Reuters camera crew outside her house.

There’s a longer version of this clip here.

I feel sorry for her. She probably knows how appallingly invasive “newsgatherers” can be and the full horror of being in the spotlight. And she’s old. And probably rather tired. And almost certainly not entirely well-tempered. And it’s going to be annoying going down in history as the person who said “Oh Christ” when given the happy news. But it’s a great piece of video.

4 Replies to “A case when Lessing is definitely more”

  1. Delightfully cranky. Almost makes me want to get over my pique at the Nobel committee for giving the prize to yet another novelist and read one of her books.

  2. Oh, thanks for this! I’d already much enjoyed her on the radio, where she was only slightly less abrupt and provocative. How wonderful! Worth all the pains of getting old to so completely be oneself and not care…

  3. She was pipped to get it about 35 years ago, but the Canopus in Argos series scuppered it; experimenting with science fiction and sufism trashed her credibility.
    Glad she was cumudgeonly, glad she’s got it.

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