Linky lovelyness

For a long time I didn’t notice that my RSS feed for the excellent online arts journal qarrtsiluni was out of date. Now I’ve fixed it and am consuming its goodness in large gulps.

One of the contributors to the current theme, Making Sense, is the poet George Szirtes who has a massive and impressive web presence. I remember interviewing him when he won the TS Eliot award as part of my one-person campaign to infiltrate more (any) items about poetry into the “news”. He was a delight to talk to. It’s fantastic to see such a respected and renowned poet exploring all the possibilities the internet has to offer.

And if you want to join him at qarrtsiluni there is a week or so left before submissions to the current theme close.

Something else I’ve been remiss about is the Festival of the Trees. The current edition – number 16 already! – is up and about at trees, if you please under the title “Fade to Color (Seasons Change)“. Next month’s is going to be a special Halloween edition at Windywillow, so send in accounts of any Sleepy Hollow-like arboreal encounters (or digitally-recorded evidence thereof) following these instructions.

Finally small is, of course, beautiful. So I’ve made a mobile version of the blog called frizzyLogicette which can be found on all small mobile devices if you point their tiny perfect browsery-type things to

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  1. Thanks for the links. I guess we should be more aggressive in advising qarrtsiluni readers to subscribe to the new feed(s), but the old feed still seemed to work in Google Reader and Bloglines, at least, so I wasn’t sure how big an issue it was.

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