Linked-up constant update love-joy

Ask, and ye shall receive. Or at least want something really obvious and it’s likely to come to pass.

Twitter can now be used to update Facebook status. And the updates already appear in my blog sidebar. So, should I wish to inform all five people that make up my total audience in both places that I am scratching my arse while on the top deck of a bus bound to Barking (via my mobile, of course), I can.

Possibly this much-desired functionality has been available for weeks if not months unnoticed by me, but hey, I can be happy about it even if it’s belated.

Now that’s been achieved I have another request, oh twitterific ones. I thought, only yesterday, how exciting it would be if I could attach images taken on my mobile to my tweets (and indeed sound and video files… why stop at pictures?). It would then be the perfect all-in-one micro-blogging tool with the output available in multiple definable destinations and searchable in ways that the twitter team is already beginning to implement.


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  1. If I was going to be pedantic, I’d point out that Twitter is actually a status update tool rather than a micro-blogging tool. Having said that, pictures can demonstrate status, so it’s not a bad idea. I’ll send you a Pownce invite, you might want to have a look at it by way of comparison. I didn’t feel a need to use it in anger after an initial inspection though.

  2. Go on, be pedantic 🙂

    But if I was going to be disputatious I’d point out that “status update” and “micro-blogging” are not mutually exclusive terms.

  3. constant updates on the state of the frizzy arse are clearly what your audience has been waiting for.

  4. They aren’t mutually exclusive, agreed. But certain micro-blog posts are not status updates.

    When the Twitter page asks “What are you doing?” and someone posts “Man next to me on bus sneezed loudly”, that’s surely a non sequitur?

    As well as Pownce you might want to have a look at Tumblr. That’s more what I think of as micro-blogging.

    Here are a couple of examples of how two long-term bloggers are using Tumblr: &

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