We wore our red shirts

red shirts for burma

And told everyone we came across why, particularly secondborn at school apparently.

Last night I went to dinner with friends. There were five international news journalists round the table. “What’s going to happen in Burma” I asked. “Give me the top line.”

“Well of course it’s very difficult to tell,” started one, “information about the military and what their thinking is…”

“It’s quite simple,” interrupted another, a financial journalist. “The protests will be put down by the military, ruthlessly, possibly as ruthlessly as they were in ‘88. The international community will do nothing beyond the usual public hand-wringing. None of the countries with any economic clout will do anything to jeopardise their investments. And Sarkozy,” he said, turning to the European news specialist, “is such a hypocrite. Nothing is going to touch Total‘s involvement in Burma. China, India and Thailand, the biggest regional investors, aren’t going to lift a finger either.”

Depressing. And past experience tells me it’s probably correct.

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  1. Yes, I know, it is, and it does. But, you know, we really never know, it’s easy to forget what’s changed for the better since 1988, because so much has changed for the worse… And how wonderful that your boys wore their shirts and told their friends 🙂

  2. Tremendously depressing, indeed.

    It feels rather shallow to tack this on at the end of such a globally-conscious post, but I wanted to say how beautiful you and your boys are.

  3. Yes, without hope there is nothing.

    🙂 The usual line, which has been said about both the boys, is… “oh, isn’t he beautiful” (pause) “but he doesn’t look a bit like you”. I agree about their pulchritude, but I’m very biased.

  4. One thing I like about this picture is that they both look *very* like you. The resemblance is very striking. (As is the pulchritude.)

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