And now let us resume normal programming, shall we, and pretend nothing happened.


Here is a flower I noticed in someone’s front garden on the way back from taking secondborn to school. Providentially it was both in the sun and could be approached from such an angle as to have something entirely white behind it.

7 Replies to “Dahlia”

  1. It looks like a dog hanging its head out the window of a moving car, topngue flapping in the breeze.

    I see you’re listening to Oumou! I’m convinced she is Bessie Smith reincarnated. A goddess.

  2. I haven’t been able to comment here for ages. It kept making my computer freeze. But this seems better. Just wanted to say it seems to me it is very hard when you are the one who lives with the children every day, makes the sandwiches, does the washing, mops the tears, sick etc, and then they go off to have special times with he who no longer lives with you… But never underestimate what you do. Never mind the garden, you have grown two beautiful and healthy boys…

  3. It was, I think, the coComment plugin. Which I’ve deactivated but still appears to be present at the bottom of the comment box. Sigh.

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