Ears and eyes

To Portobello market with snap-buddy Nehavish. She came from India bearing gifts – the most beautiful pair of earrings. Not only are they exactly the right colour, being “my” colour, namely turquoise, they also have little dangly jingly bits. The dangly jingly bits make little bell-like tinkling noises whenever I move my head.

This apparently makes me like an Indian cow. Which is apparently a complement. It also makes me like a London cat. Does this makes me a cow with claws?

While Neha paid attention to my ears I looked into her eyes.



With the occasional ear making it into the frame.

cat's eyes

The Portobello set is here.

Still haven’t unmounted the lens. Although it was an unnecessary indulgence (particularly in the current circumstances) I’m so glad I bought it. I think taking pictures is high on the list of things that keep me sane.