One walks into day. Another falls into night.

Doubled over.

doubled over





Pierced through.

pierced through

Listen to the words. Light and bright and fluffy as downy feathers drifting on eddies in the air. Flightless. Directionless. Supporting nothing. The weight of such words is terrible to bear.


7 Replies to “One walks into day. Another falls into night.”

  1. Whatever the misery of the captions, the pictures are gorgeous. Lots of people shoot for art and end up with nothing more than self-expression. You might make it the other way round. That may be as close as anyone gets to walking in the light, anyway. Which should be more consolation than a virtual hug, and is in any case more keystrokes.

  2. I was going to delete this post, but after that comment I can’t, particularly given the number of keystrokes 🙂

  3. I suppose this is the whole point of being an artist (well, it is to me, I’ve never related to ugly art) – you can make something so beautiful out of pain, that speaks to all our pain, not only your own. Hugs.

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