Water Ship Down


Ok, it’s blurry. She was drumming, the light was a single domestic standard lamp with a bit of yellow plastic over it and I was feeling not so good (actually the food poisoning hadn’t kicked in at that point but it’s an excuse and I’m using it). However is not Amy one of the most beautiful people imaginable? Yes, is the correct answer. Always has been, always utterly unaware of being so.


And here, unfortunately largely obscured by hair and a microphone, is her elder brother Tomas. Just as delightful.

I’d like to be able to give a thoughtful, insightful and informative review of the music but unfortunately I can’t. Firstly because it was so loud I couldn’t really hear it, was worried about the future of my hearing and retreated after taking a few photographs back to the bar. Secondly because the above-mentioned food poisoning was approaching like an avalanche down a high mountain and I was concentrating very hard on trying not to throw up.

There’s another one, of Amy at her drums, here.