Yesterday I heard screams of such raw and primal grief I assumed the neighbour’s baby had died (she is so ill it’s a case not of if but when). Only after some time did I realise it was the couple in the upstairs flat.

The fumes from their post-coital packet/s of cigarettes are still drifting through the window and impregnating my space with their noxious odour.

Last night, or rather this morning at 1am, the dog-hater was under the window again with a new appellation implying I possess an overweening interest in performing oral sex on men.

The house is empty, the children are still away. The sky has darkened. It is about to rain.

4 Replies to “Suck”

  1. Packets? Perhaps they were screams of rage and disappointment. Seriously. How horrible about the neighbours’ child. What is the matter?

  2. Can nothing be done about the dog-hater? It’s not right that you should have to live with that. {{{Rachel}}}

  3. Life in your neighbourhood sounds (mostly) horrendously intense, except for the nice 4×4 owner.
    But the dog-hater is seriously worrying; is it only you he’s bothering, ohters must be worried by him? can’t something be done?

  4. The neighbour’s child is now nearly 5 but the size of a one-year-old. Seriously premature, severely brain-damaged. Multiple disabilities. Now developed severe epilepsy.

    The police know about the dog-hater and I have previously had occasion to call 999 when he was beating on the door during the early evening while the children were in the house. There appears to be very little we can do other than call 999 if his behaviour is worryingly violent.

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