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  1. Well, no wonder, you got your education from a science fiction show.

    It still is very much in doubt, because other life forms are not expected in a 10:1 carbon chauvanistic universe, where carbon chains and molecules form more readily even when the ratio is reversed to favor the next most plausible life form that we’ve ever been able to imagine, (silicon based life), like it is… right here… on Earth!

    The search for other life forms makes for an important falsification of this, and thus far… carbon based life is still all that is expected, until wild speculations about whatif, maybe, woulda’ coulda’ shoulda’… get proven with some hard evidence.

    Don’t be so surprised. There are lots of good scientific reasons that carbon based life is all that is expected.

  2. Thanks, island. Yes, as you’ve guessed I’m not a scientist. However it would be incorrect to credit Star Trek as the cause of my errors. I wasn’t allowed to watch the television as a child an only saw the episode in question in adulthood.

  3. Sorry, rr, I only meant joke that your statement… “it’s life, jim, but not as we know it”… appears to come from a star-trek episode.

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