Hahahahahaha. Sorry, gotta laugh.

A company in Ireland purports to have made a perpetual motion / infinite energy generating machine.

A gallery in London is putting it on display. The exhibition/demonstration was due to open yesterday, 5 July.
Astonishingly, there appeared to be some problems.

KINETICA OPENING DELAYED: Due to some technical difficulties caused by the intense heat from camera lighting, Steorn’s demonstration of its ‘Orbo’ free energy technology has been slightly delayed. As a consequence, Kinetica Museum will not be open to the public today (6th July). A technical assessment is currently underway and information will be posted on the websites of Steorn and Kinetica as soon as it becomes available. We apologise for this delay and appreciate your patience.

So glad I went and had a nap yesterday instead of schlepping down to Spitalfields for the alleged opening of the exhibition.

Napping. Yes. I find napping the most effective form of energy generation, and it’s entirely unaffected by camera lighting. I know the laws of thermodynamics are soooo last millennium but I’m an old-fashioned girl.

And what do you know, turns out (as I browse around) those technical difficulties have turned out to be insurmountable

Further to Steorn’s announcement yesterday (5th July) regarding the technical difficulties experienced during the installation of its “Orbo” technology at the Kinentica Museum in London, Steorn has decided to postpone the demonstration until further notice.

Sean McCarthy CEO stated that “technical problems arose during the installation of the demonstration unit in the display case on Wednesday evening. These problems were primarily due to excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area. Attempts to replace those parts affected by the heat led to further failures and as a result we have to postpone the public demonstration until a future date.”

He continued that “we apologise for the inconvenience caused to all the people who had made arrangements to visit the demonstration or were planning on viewing the demonstration online.”

Over the next few weeks the company will explore alternative dates for the public demonstration.

What, I wonder, is the purpose of all this. Some kind of elaborate campaign to publicise the gallery/museum? An elaborate hoax? An extreme form of self-humiliation? Because surely to goodness they don’t actually believe….
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  1. found your site through findingoptimism. yes, it does make one wonder – however, i am always amazed as to how many people actually do believe that perpetual motion “should” be possible. most people are not very science-savvy (and i’m not, either, in many areas – but at least i hope i have a general idea of what i DON’T know).

    you’re right, it would be interesting to follow this. maybe it WAS a hoax!

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