Depilling – week two-and-a-half

There is a very annoying side effect. It’s as though, whenever I move, my brain moves rather more slowly than everything else. Think stomach-in-lift experience. But permanently, prompted by anything more than the most gentle and regal turning of the head. A cross between slightly-pissed-while-very-tired and the up and down motion you get walking on dry land after a long boat trip in rough weather.

At first I thought hey, this isn’t so bad. Not nearly as bad as the drooling catatonia of starting to take SSRIs. It’ll pass, I thought. It’s nothing, I thought.

Well it hasn’t and it isn’t and I’m getting pretty pissed off with it. Even, on occasion, sick of it. As in nauseous.

Otherwise life seems… hmm. To have a bit of a sting to it. To be complex. Annoying. Exciting. Tiring. And zesty. None of which is necessarily bad, in small amounts.


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