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Wouldn’t it just be super cool to make images based on The Drunken Boat? (see the other day). Such colours! such images! such exclamation marks! I assumed this was so much a no-brainer that there would already be a group on flickr devoted to exactly this, along the lines of that for The Waste Land. There isn’t.

There are two interesting pictures – here and here – based on lines from A Season in Hell but no groups.

Words and images, images and words. At the exhibition on Tuesday I particularly liked the work by Victor Burgin who mixes image and text in his series UK76 and US77. (I didn’t really respond to another image-word juxtaposition in the work of Stephen Willats which I found too didactic and simplistic. Both photographers, both politically engaged, both heavily into theory but one I found sterile, the other exciting. Diffrnt strokes for diffrnt folks I guess.)

Hg and I talked about the personal power of words in framing a narrative of self, of the measurable physical effect on the brain of naming self-experience. He told me (again) to read Ursula K Le Guin‘s Earthsea Quartet. (I shall, I shall!)

The same day I went to the exhibition F and I talked about artists who feel the need to issue an instruction booklet with their work. How the words attempt to strait-jacket the art not allowing the possibility of the infinity of dialogues between object and viewers.

I am reminded of meeting with Ivy in the British Museum Great Court. We talked about the images of poetry and the poetry of images. She could have concentrated on the non-poetic image but chose words first. Wow! I’m really honoured to have been labelled a Thinking Blogger by Ivy. I now have to tag five more.

Firstly because of the punk connection there’s Jeff. Not that he doesn’t make me think all the time – he does. So much that my brain frequently hurts. However at the moment he’s remembering his friend Slim in a series of extraordinary posts, words and images. Slim the Drifter, moving between punk and country and a whole load of labels in between, defying them all.
Then there’s the hostess of the Thinkery. I mean with a blog name like that it’s a natural isn’t it. Krista makes me think and laugh and all sorts of other things. And she takes great pictures too.  And loves socks. And takes pictures of them.

Koranteng makes me think about such a wide range of stuff it makes my head spin. Most recently there’s been the issue of plagiarism to start the neurones firing. But look at the way he writes. And the music. Thanks to him and a one-hit wonder recommendation I’m now ploughing through the 14 or so albums I had to acquire in order to get that single song.

My friend and former World Service colleague Lara covers Hackney, Luanda and pretty much everything in between. And she is, completely brilliantly, growing and growing and growing. Thanks for taking us along too 🙂

I missed Oso‘s birthday. He’s had remarkably few of them and this won’t be apparent from his blog where he grapples and tussles with everything from beer to cats. Oh, and some other stuff too.  Amongst his many other talents and activities he’s the multi-stomached rambo-ruminant digester of Global Voices, the must-read synopsis of what the world is talking about.

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  1. I’m not one to deny you the pleasure of serendipitous browsing in search of new music and the discoveries that can happen during that – after all that is the point of recommendation systems, human or otherwise. New music – whether good or even indifferent – always has value.

    But I’m just curious: which one-hit wonder prompted this latest search? One has been known to burn cds with “comfort food” or “friends” playlists…

    Sidenote: technology being what it is I took a few minutes to provide a work in progress: Things Fall Apart – The Playlists. Sadly only about a third of the tracks are streamable but it’s a fairly representative mix. You know where to get the liner notes… 😉

  2. I had to look up ruminant … I assume you’re talking about the second definition?

    ruminant |ˈroōmənənt|
    1 an even-toed ungulate mammal that chews the cud regurgitated from its rumen. The ruminants comprise the cattle, sheep, antelopes, deer, giraffes, and their relatives. • Suborder Ruminantia, order Artiodactyla: six families.
    2 a contemplative person; a person given to meditation.

  3. Koranteng, I was so hoping no one would notice that I hadn’t linked to the track in question. Because I have forgotten what it was. And after extensive research (randomly entering into the search box on your blog names of artists from the 14 volumes of music I, uh, acquired in the effort to get hold of the one track) I couldn’t relocate it. Sigh. Maybe you could try to guess what it was!

    Oso, I was under the strong impression that you are in possession of an even number of toes. And are a mammal. But should you wish to keep your plethora of stomachs secret from the world you can rely on my complete discretion.

  4. Yes yes yes yes yes!!!! Jerome Prister. Fantastic.

    Phew, I’m so glad that’s sorted out. And instead of downloading acquiring 14 volumes of Hits in a Funky House Style (or whatever it was) I could have… my word. Well, you live and learn.

    Many thanks!

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