When I was one

I had just begun


Bernard has just begun, as of today. It was very exciting, and had bubbles. As well as real live frogs.

“This is the best party-bag I’ve ever had” said secondborn on the train on the way home. And also “those weren’t the really scary sort of babies, you know.” Firstborn merely announced that his alien was better than the smiley, which is basically as good as it gets with a nearly teenager.

Neither of them has stayed six for ever and ever. Nor, I suspect, will Bernard.

4 Replies to “When I was one”

  1. Thank you very much, he’s a natural model. I’m reserving the one of you dandling him on your knee for when it is required as a reference 🙂

  2. Bernard is very lucky to have you as his official photographer. I’m delighted that No 1 liked the alien; I hoped that I had got it the right way round.

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