Crazy day

Up at sparrow’s fart to drive down to Whitstable with Nina, Arun, Neha and Maizy. Nina drove, I subdued Maizy in the passenger seat and Neha in the back rose heroically to the initially alarming instruction to give Arun his bottle when he got hungry.


He’s a beautiful smiling-gurgling-laughing boy. Which is just what you need if you’re a single parent (speaking from experience).


Neha is already instructing him on the finer points of philosophy.

fish bones

Maizy managed to contain her jealousy (didn’t grab his head in her jaws and drag him around the ground as she does with the cat… which was a relief.) She confined herself to locate the smelliest fish carcasses and offal and rolling in them in order to perfume the car on the return journey. We had a superb meal in the restaurant above the fish market from where we could see a fisherman mending his net


and the gravel processing plant which obscured any further the view of the sea.

gravel works

Unfortunately we then had to belt back to London like shit off a shovel because of my rather urgent and complicated domestic arrangements involving three children, seven adults and four different suppers.

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  1. Wait rr – just you wait. Let me pick out the most unflattering photograph of you that I have.. ummm…. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey! it’s not that awful is it? Underneath my large black jacket and your large black rucksack there’s Neha making an important point.

    I utterly and unhesitatingly concede your victory in the unflattering photo contest. You know it’s one of my most strongly-held beliefs that no such thing as a decent picture of me actually exists.

  3. πŸ™‚ Actually I have quite a few lovely ones of you. I am just waiting for your “go” to upload them to some Indian Matrimonial website. Hee Hee.

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