The track Le téléphone sonne by Souzy Kasseya, presumably off the album of the same name, is occupying a large number of my neurones right now. All I can remember, of course, is the chorus

Le téléphone sonne, sonne
Mais qui répond pour moi
Le téléphone sonne, sonne
Moi je suis occupé

It was a huge hit in the mid 1980s and I remember hearing it repeatedly over the (very) loud speaker on the MV Ilala as my friend R and I sat on the economy deck while the shores of Lake Malawi slipped slowly past. Also on constant high frequency rotation was We Are the World which I would pay huge sums of money to ensure I never hear again.

Unfortunately the latter is still widely available but the former not. At least I can’t find it. It’s not on calabash or Sterns so where on earth might I get hold of a copy? I might have to ask Matt if he’s got it.