Despair and demotivation

The seriously laugh-out-loud funny sight has, amongst its pages of satirical goodness, what it calls a “Parody Motivator Generator“. Choose a picture from amongst your favourite affirming images to upload, add your title and text, fiddle with the colours and total dissatisfaction can, and often does, ensue.


Go to their gallery of delightful demotivational products for some disinspiration. I particularly enjoy despair, dysfunction and loneliness. And don’t forget to check out who the manufacturers suggest each poster is particularly suited to. Most impressive in this regard is consulting with its clever alternating urls for the first link (must find out how that’s done). And whatever you do don’t click that second link. No, don’t. Really.

My poster is another version of the phrase used in their adversity poster. The original Nietzschean nonsense has always annoyed me.

4 Replies to “Despair and demotivation”

  1. its clever alternating urls for the first link (must find out how that’s done)

    Each letter in “Oh, nobody” is a different link.

  2. Oh that’s a bit boring. I didn’t notice, obviously. I was hoping it was like the way some links cycle through a series of colour when you hold your cursor over them.

  3. Yeah, that Nietsch crap ( which incidentally is in the opening credits to ‘Conan the Barbarian’, there you go, my cultural street cred blown to smithereens for ever…such as it was) always annoyed me too, when the evidence is almost exclusively to they contrary.

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