Tate Flickr exhibition

Interesting idea:

About How We Are Now

For the first time, Tate is inviting members of the public to contribute to the content of an exhibition.

How We Are: Photographing Britain (Tate Britain, 22 May — 2 September 2007) takes a unique look at the journey of British photography, from the pioneers of the early medium to today’s photographers who use new technology to make and display their imagery. To demonstrate the evolving nature of photography in the twenty-first century, Flickr photographs will be featured in the exhibition.

To submit a photograph to the exhibition, simply join this group and contribute your photograph anytime until 25 July 2007.

See the link above for more information.

I hope this is just the beginning of many collaborative cultural projects using social software to integrate (potentially) global virtual contributions into a physical exhibition space.

I like the way too there is the less-moderated element of the flickr group and then the smaller curated sample from that volunteered pool.

Now, what to submit?

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