Inappropriate mooing

So the cards arrived.

moo cards

They’re gorgeous. There’s something so satisfying in seeing the pictures on paper, or card in this case, being able to run a finger over the surface and look at the nuances rather than viewing then on the light-box of a computer screen. I love the associations – that’s A’s garden, there’s R’s hand, I took that one with N, G took that picture too, secondborn gave me that daisy, W liked that one, that’s the pavement outside H’s flat, O gave me those tulips etc etc. I definitely don’t want to give any of them away. However there’s another disincentive to handing them out willy-nilly.

I thought it would be a great idea to have the picture’s title appear on the reverse of the card. Unfortunately this has led to some rather surreal juxtapositions, for instance:

R- R-
skill, skill, skill
and so are you

This is a particularly obscure one since the picture in question is of pomegranates. It ended up with that title because it was the fourth in a valentine’s day series which started with the rather more obvious “roses are red”.

Other gnomic last lines include tree brain, trapped, rock man, blousy, wooden eye, rock slime, little curly tail and nun boot, but my favourites are pansy with small flies, are you blind too? and, perhaps most unfortunate of all to be handed out to potential employers, don’t mess with me.

One lives, and one learns.

6 Replies to “Inappropriate mooing”

  1. Pretty funny! But it seems awfully careless of the Moo people not to have anticipated this and put the title in quotes, with a large space between it and your information. Poor design.

  2. I think it is serendipitously wonderful. Employers / customers too stupid to realise what’s up are best shunned.

  3. Dave, I’m guilty of emboldening for dramatic effect and thus doing Moo a disservice. There is, in fact, quite a deal of user-control over the layout and I have left a clear line between the details and the title but at the moment they don’t offer italic script only normal and bold so the titles are in the same weight as the info. (What a long sentence that was.) However were I ever to order more cards I would make sure to examine the titles carefully before I upload them, or not have them at all.

    acb – well yes, in an ideal world it might be a test to sort the sheep from the goats. However one needs at least two flocks for that and flocking is not a word I’d use to describe potential employers right now. But it will be a solace and a comfort to tell myself, should paid work never materialise, that it is the fault of the density of the employers / clients and nothing at all to do with me, or my cards.

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