Card game in the park

I came across these four men while walking Maizy. They were happy to let me take pictures, but couldn’t explain the game very clearly since there wasn’t, they said, an English equivalent. It was played in pairs, two against two, and the number ten was important.

There was a whole line of men sitting in the benches on either side of that doing service as a card table. They lolled, legs outstretched, bodies inclined at an acute angle so as to get maximum benefit from the still-palpable heat of the dipped sun. There was much laughter and banter as the players groaned in despair or slapped the bench in triumph.

Fifty feet or so away across the tarmac, their backs to the sun, sat a smaller group of women in saris. Quiet, upright, their faces in shadow, occasionally inclining together as they spoke.

“Who won?” I asked as I passed the players again on my way home. “Oh, nobody. Nobody wins, it’s not that sort of game.”

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  1. Great post! But the slideshow seems a little iffy – it didn’t come up properly the first time I clicked in; only three pictues displayed. I had to refresh the page to get all six.

  2. Tall Girl – I got the impression he was being economical with the truth. I prefer a win-win situation to a no-win situation 🙂

    Andrew – I don’t know. I have no idea where they were from, but would guess India and guess again at Hindi, but those are only guesses.

    Dave – thanks for pointing that out. How wonderful it is to discover, only a few minutes ago, the recent launch of flickrSLiDR which claims to be powered by lolcats. I shall attempt to substitute the existing gizmo with the unfeasibly capitalised rival.

    [Update – I’m getting an error message on the preview of the flickrSLiDR slide show so for some reason it appears not to be working at the moment.]

  3. I love them too, it’s a little slow movie, really genial. Internet closed down once then all OK.

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