Everything I try to think has been said before and better

And there’s the infinity of thought which lies beyond my capacity to conceive.

This should be a source of joy and pleasure.

Sometimes it isn’t.

This is one of those times.


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  1. The thing is, all reality is local and, at the end of the day, all anyone is interested in is how something takes flesh, incarnates, at any particular time.

    I guess it’s like all spirituality which is about being where you are, and being who you are.

    Here’s a bit from Goethe which I find helpful, for what it’s worth:

    When a writer leaves monuments on different steps of his [sic] life, it is chiefly important that he should have an innate foundation of good-will; that he should, at each step, have seen and felt clearly, and that, without any secondary aims, he should have said distinctly and truly what passed in his mind. Then will his writings, if they were right at the step where they originated, remain always right, however the writer may develop or alter himself in after times.

  2. What a wonderful quotation.

    What I’m really feeling is, of course, as well as inadequacy, is jealousy. Which is an unpleasant and unproductive emotion in oh so many ways. It will pass (I hope).

  3. 🙂 One of the earliest writings we have is a fragment of Egyptian, from the second millenium BC, lamenting that everything’s already been written.


    And I suppose it was already true, in a way. But as Andrew said, it’s the incarnation that matters.

    According to those I trust most, mind is empty, luminous, and unimpeded. Not a description that goes well with incapacities to conceive.

    But anyway, & possibly more to the point — xoxoxoxo

  4. Dale – the Egyptian is heartening in a “nothing new under the sun” kind of way. But one has to be careful, does one not, that the conception which arise in the empty, luminous and unimpeded mind aren’t the clouding clutter of impedimentia (ergo ego).

    Lucy – I hear your bah! and I raise you… HAH! I wrote this post immediately after sojourning under a certain box elder in the blogforest. Luckily I’ve left aside the clouding clutter of impedimentia and such visits occasion only joy 🙂

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