Toilets of the World

toilets of the world


big chain

You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Nothing like a bit of lavatorial humour to raise the tone. Putting it all into perspective (particularly the chains) is the lovely nehavish who took beautiful pics and wrote rather more sensibly on the delight of our day.

What she doesn’t mention is that she cooked – idlis, dosas and sambar – and they were divine. Kindly, she also doesn’t mention the fact that, as she commented at the time, “some people eat their food, others end up wearing it”.

idli steaming trays

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with idlis and sambar since I came across them when I first went to India many years ago. They are the ultimate breakfast – delicious, warming and filling.

A very kind woman spent quite a portion of a long train journey explaining exactly how to make them, and coconut chutney. The ingredients were many, the preparation lengthy and the specialised cooking implements required were not readily available in the UK.

Not only could I not make them, I couldn’t find them in restaurants anywhere. Even in the amazing range of South Indian restaurants in my part of London. Dosas there were a-plenty. But not an idli to be seen.

I wonder what it is about the idli that makes it so difficult to find in restaurants and snack bars. The batter is very similar to that used to make dosas so it’s not the ingredients. Maybe it’s the fact that they are best eaten absolutely fresh out of the steamer and take 10-20 minutes to cook whereas dosas are as fast as a crêpe to prepare.

Now I have my own idli guru I’m seriously considering attempting to make them at home. I’m sure the boys will like them.

You can’t have two snapperholics in the same place without a fit of pictorial intertwinglyness. Neha took this picture of me taking this snap; I took this picture of her

nehavish and the datekins

preserving the datekins for future reference.

6 Replies to “Toilets of the World”

  1. You just HAD to post the one with the toilets didn’t you? And the truth is that the infamous comment about wearing food must actually be credited to the husband’s ex-boss! But I’ve found that it’s a useful tagline for clumsy British fingers as they struggle with sambhar!

  2. Come on, how could I resist! Toilets… chains… you know it had to be done. But you look gorgeous 🙂 Are you trying to tell me that I’ve spelled sambhar wrong?

  3. Oh, idlis and sambar — wow. Yes, we too fell in love with them when in India a few years ago, and I miss them still. Needless to say, they are not readily-available here in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts. 🙂 Though we do have excellent Indian food, a fact for which I am enduringly grateful…

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