Rain in the 'burbs

I took the wide-angle lens out today as I went about my business. Which, when one has children, is everyone else’s business too. A parent approached the secondborn at the school gate this morning and after some discussion she was persuaded to ask him round to play with her son this afternoon. “I’ll call your mum” she said. “Oh you can’t call her now, she’s talking to her psychotherapist” he replied.


I went to see the film Bamako this evening – the gala premier no less!

green park bamako

I was actually within two feet of Danny Glover for about ten seconds and couldn’t think of anything to say to him.The film itself is very interesting – stunning, stunning visually and with some great music. It’s didactic too, strongly so. And it’s being marketed strongly by Christian Aid as an “end the debt and reform the IMF and WB” campaign tool including a petition.

Bits of it absolutely didn’t work for me. And other bits were breathtaking. The latter outweighed the former and it’s definitely worth seeing.

5 Replies to “Rain in the 'burbs”

  1. The psychotherapist gaff was probably no gaff at all but will contribute much to your auror at the school gates!

  2. Lucy – thanks, I was in fact far less worried about other parents knowing (after all I’m almost professionally mad in this space and it’s now got my name attached when before it was anonymous) but I was sighing about a seven-year-old being in the position to say such a thing at such an age.

    CdV – the damn slideshow isn’t displaying properly, at least not to me. It should be visible in the page but I’m finding difficulty preventing wordpress from changing the code I cut and paste into something it prefers but removes the actual pictures. Very annoying!

  3. Don’t blame WP. That’d be your theme, wouldn’t it?

    Slideshow works fine for me, though. Nifty little widget.

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