Rabbit rabbit

One of the pinnacles of my (brief) tenure as arts correspondent was covering an exhibition of knitting of which the highlight for me was “Domestic Interior” by Janet Morton. Despite the walrus-like harrumphing and spluttering of various (male) members of the newsroom the item was run at least once, as far as I can remember.

A delightful former colleague and fellow yarnivore has drawn my attention to the excellent Ming Yi Sung and her wonderful crochet which drew more than harrumphs from certain workers at the building it was being exhibited in. The video below tells the story of Public Art, Private Parts.

A certain amount of burrowing about on the internet reveals what has to be my favourite of her works so far:

White Rabbit

It puts a different spin (hook?) on Alice in Wonderland doesn’t it. I’d certainly dive down a rabbit-hole after that statuesque creature despite my history of lagophbia. I wonder what he’s got in that front-cottontail. Maybe I have a preference for bucks over does. I hadn’t thought of that before.

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