I came across this today: fortheloveofafrica, created by

Eric Frank Cape Town, western cape province, ZA

Executive Creative Director and Managing Director of The Ideas Company Saatchi & Saatchi’s network in Africa.

I love Africa and it’s peoples. We are unique and enormously rich in culture and diversity. This blog is a forum to share views, discuss issues that affect people’s lives in Africa and to seek understanding of what motivates the people of our beautiful continent.

The first (and at the time of writing only) post in the ongoing project to discuss issues that affect people’s lives in Africa is Best Ever Holidays. What are they in Africa?

This is a very good example of how not to blog in that difficult zone between the personal and the professional. The lack of insight and context displayed here are just breathtaking.

I don’t expect to see this blog featuring in the Global Voices items about Sub-Saharan Africa any time soon.