Clear the smear

I wondered, vaguely, why recent photographs have had an unintentional soft-focus effect. Yesterday I actually thought to look at the lens of the camera and it was covered with a thin layer of something I can only assume was canine saliva. A great big slurpy deposit which took a considerable time to remove. Note to self – cameras and dogs shouldn’t be on the floor together. Oh, and put on the lens cap.

Thus armed with greater clarity we, boys and dog and camera, set out on a walk. Yesterday was all about sunshine. Beautiful, glorious, peachy, slanting winter sunlight striking from an open blue sky throwing long shadows.

At last a world of subtle gradations and stark contrasts after weeks and months of deepest dullest stultifying flattening uniformity of grey. The camera gambolled like a spring lamb, despite the lack of legs and fluffy tail.

More light and less slobber. A heart-lifting combination.

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  1. Thank you so much! I was very pleased with them myself. Boy does a bit of light make a difference.

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