I’ve found God AND mortality

Not bad for a weekday lunchtime.

mortal(ity) and God

On the left there we have Ivy Alvarez with mortal, on the right we have Natalie d’Arbeloff (in the guise of her alter ego Augustine) with The God Interviews. Both have very recently been delivered, after long labour, of a book. As you can see.
I shall endeavour to review both when I’ve read them in their entirety. So far I can say I thoroughly recommend both babies books.

Also I can say that I find it puzzling that the name Natalie d’Arbeloff isn’t as famous as that of Maira Kalman. The latter is a wonderful artist who’s clever with words. So is the former. The latter has book deals and a blog with monthly posts which is syndicated by the New York Times. The former, utterly mysteriously, does not.

Unfortunately the NYT has hidden Ms Kalman behind a subscription, but a couple of her posts can be viewed here. And here’s a picture from her December post which I rather liked.

Bach dress

Anyway. The point of this digression is to suggest that anyone who wishes to support an artist and writer of true talent, grit and determination can easily do so by offering her a lucrative book deal for the follow-up which is already in the pipeline. Or failing that (if you don’t happen to be a publisher) buy the first instalment!

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  1. Oh migod, my God, Rachel, this is so perfect. All of it is perfect. The words, the picture, the Ivy, the Mortal, the link to Maira Kalman whom I’d never seen until now. The NY Times may never send me to interview God on their behalf but who needs them when we’ve got you, babe, to give us such a brilliant boost? Publishers, listen to this girl!

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