I went to the canal this afternoon, the usual little walk we’ve done so many times before. I wondered dolefully whether there would be anything interesting to take a picture of. I’ve managed to maintain my picture-a-day discipline, even if some are very poor, and I can’t stop now. (I’ve temporarily mislaid Thursday 18 January – it’s inside a camera I left behind somewhere by mistake and still haven’t retrieved.)

There were of course many interesting things to photograph along the canal. Now the dilemma is which to put here… should it be the weeping eye? too miserable, and we’ve had more than enough of that around here. Besides I’m still coming to terms with the fact that the best tree face ever has been enhanced with artifice. And my picture is out of focus.

Should it be daisy daisy (give me your answer do)? Also not entirely cheerful since there’s drowning involved.

There’s one man and his dogs which has the virtue of some spots of brightness. But I think I’ll make that the official picture of the day. The man in question was delightful, and his dogs even more so. One had, so he said, had won at Crufts. I asked if their coats were hand-knitted, he said he’d bought them on the Kings Road in Chelsea. Maizy looked disgusted during the entire exchange. She also smelt disgusting since she’d rolled vigourously in the copious Canada goose excrement to be found along the towpath.

So, back to the pictures, we’re left with the bushy bush and its reflections. There are two, but they’re pleasant and light and bright so here they are:

canal grass


I think I utterly lack discrimination when it comes to my own pictures, I just like all of them, even when they’re clearly no good.

And in other news, this blog was four recently. Still having tantrums though.

5 Replies to “Pondering”

  1. I love all your pictures. The dog owner’s shoes that match the sweaters are wild. And happy happy 4th blogday, rr !! Wishing you continuing joy in your daily photography walks and blogging – they give us joy too.

  2. Happy blog day! Love the man and his “dogs” (aren’t feet sometimes referred to as dogs?). But yes, the canal grass is magical.

  3. I utterly lack discrimination when it comes to your pictures too, on the same showing 🙂

    I love the weeping eye. & all of them.

  4. Oh, rr, I am so glad you are here at 4 and so grateful to have had your company for most of those years! And the pictures just keep getting better, and still have the ability to surprise. Thank you.

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