6 Replies to “The sick bed”

  1. Ah – healer pets – I have them too. Two cats and a black lab. They are the very best kinda medicine – next to juice, aspirin, etc. My Mom always made me soft boiled eggs on toast when I was not well. ‘swhy I don’t eat them now. be well!

  2. What an incredible photo – the line, the eyes…! I’m sure you should enter it for some competition (subject to the feelings of the human subject, of course). I hope he’s feeling better.

  3. I am happy to report that the fever has subsided. Coughing and croaking continue but my bed has been liberated. The picture is a happy accident and a product of the “one picture a day” project. Since it was obvious I wasn’t going to get out of the house I had to take a domestic subject, with the aperture set to blur the identity of the biped.

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