Something really weird is wrong with my phone line, and therefore the internet too. Earlier today it gave out completely after several days of the phones ringing like they had laryngitis and having insufficient oomph to connect with the caller when answered.

Now it appears to magically be back again, but for how long I know not. Two days until a phone-line -mending person comes. Two whole working days! Which means after Monday, dammit. Still, there’s the wifi café round the corner although staying there for protracted lengths of time means drinking even more coffee than is my habit.

I’m so helpless without the internet. Lost and discombobulated. It took me a good half hour to find the international dialing code for Trinidad in order to phone my colleague by mobile to tell her of my plight.

2 Replies to “Internettent”

  1. A quick search on google reveals one other use of the word on an English-language website. So it is nearly-neo. But new to me. I liked it – glad you did too.

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