And some triangles.


I spent much of the day rushing round with the firstborn sorting out stuff for his return to school tomorrow. I don’t remember having to have such huge amounts of clothes and bits and bobs when I was his age, but that’s probably more a product of advancing age and memory loss than objective reality.

Further evidence of the general mental disintegration is the fact that I mentioned experimenting with the camera’s ISO and white balance settings two posts in a row. I shan’t mention them this time. I shall mention, for the first and I hope only time, that I’m shooting RAW files and dipping the very end of my smallest toe into the wonder that is RAW conversion. It’s all very complicated.

Apart from the difficulties of a degenerating brain grappling with complexity the other drawback to RAW is that it takes more than 10 seconds for the camera to save the file. The shutter speed may be snippy-snappy but then the apparatus chunters away processing the information and during this time is unable to take another shot.

In the case of the above shot, however, this turned out to be an advantage because it was the time of the process rather than my timing decision which dictated the moment of the shutter firing and the result seems pleasing, to me at least. The crown-like crenelations are the edges of a particularly doleful multi-story car park which I’ve always previously considered quite outstandingly ugly.

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  1. Well, thanks for linking to the thing on raw files, but I think I’ll stay with the cooked, or at least the half-baked, for now.

    I second what Lorianne said about the photo. Many of my best shots were completely accidental, too.

  2. Is this Gunnersbury? It reminds me of cold rainy waits for malfunctioning Silverlink services…It was never so majestic as this.

  3. Thanks all! and yes, it’s Gunnesbury, in all it’s glory. Such a depressing station I always find, passing through, but sitting on the platform it took on a different aspect.

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