A short walk in the fog with a small dog

Here is the small dog, listening for moles:

small dog

The advantage of fog (one of the few I can think of) is that it makes an excellent canvas. And since it sucks the colour out of everything, there’s no need even to think about anything beyond grey and black.


Those who consider cow parsley overrated, particularly when dead and fog-bound, do not venture further.


There are even more pictures of cow parsley here. Well there isn’t much else to snap in the fog in the winter in the late afternoon.

Except of course the windmill.


And there was one spot of colour, apart from Maizy’s collar. A hibernating ladybird clinging to the winter spars, dreaming of spring.


5 Replies to “A short walk in the fog with a small dog”

  1. You have such a great eye! But the emotional price you have had to pay to get these images, and others like them – at least as suggested by the preceding post – strikes me as much too steep. In the coming year I wish for you something like the more ruminant outlook I seem to possess, and the heavy-lidded contentment that goes along with it.

  2. Hurray for cow parsnip…or at least that’s what I’d caption the second parsnip shot, the one with touseled head & upstretched arms.

    I’m so sorry to read yesterday’s nastiness & hope you’re somehow surviving in the midst of such emotional toxicity.

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