Blogging – according to the BBC

You would have thought, would you not, that the BBC, one of the country’s leading internet content providers, would have an online sight for a flagship programme about the internet. Your act of imagination, however, would outpace the creativity of the organisation in question.

The programme strand? The Alan Yentob vehicle Imagine. The particular episode? It was called – A history of the World Wide Web. And yes, they went so far as to buy the domain name featured in the title, but if you go there what do you get? You used to get a redirect to the BBC 1 television listing for the day the programme was broadcast. Now, even worse, you get an error message.

How completely feeble is that? Very feeble indeed, I should say.

The programme itself wasn’t bad at all apart from the endless lingering and pseudo-arty shots of Mr Yentob used as padding for an audience the BBC obviously regards as feeble-minded and therefore incapable of consuming information without tedious and lengthy visual trickery.

They had some of the usual suspects – Tim Berners-Lee, Clay Shirky, David Weinberger, Chris Anderson of “The Long Tail” fame and a man from MIT with a very impressive but disturbingly lop-sided beard whose name I can’t remember.

The section of the programme devoted to blogging wasn’t bad… but then again it wasn’t too good either. If you removed Mr Yentob and the artsy camerawork it would have been a great deal better. In my opinion at least. Luckily you can judge for yourself since somebody’s put that section up on YouTube.

I don’t usually watch the television at all, but I knew about this programme because one of my friends, the gorgeous Natalie of Blaugustine was featured in it. We watched it, a merry band of friends and supporters, round at her house, surrounded by wine and snacks.

It was such a shame that they didn’t mention Augustine interviews God, shortly to appear in book form, but I suppose you can’t have everything. However I thought the overall blogger involvement was too short, too fragmented and rather over-quirky. But I might be a touch biased.

If you want to see quality blogger video in action, look no further than Natalie’s own thank-you to her loyal readers.

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I think she should work on Imagine… how about as the presenter?

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  1. Omigod Rachel, thank you for your kind words and your technical wizardry and for putting this clip here but I’m afraid I will never never never ever recognize that old lady up there as me, regardless of what anybody says. I’ve promised to stop whining about this so I’ll stop now. Yes I will. I agree with your comments about the programme in general – why did we need to see so much of Mr.Yentob and for that matter, of those other two bloggers? There are so many more interesting ones around, you for instance. And they could have spent a bit more time on the Augustine cartoons for God’s sake. See, I’m whining again. But thank you, really, many thanks.

  2. P.S. And even more thanks for posting my own litle Something Stupid video here. Seems like I managed to come across better with just the Mac’s photobooth camera whereas the Beeb’s professional lighting, cameras, studio etc. succeded only in capturing my ressemblance to….the back of a bus? Oops! Sorry. I did promise.

  3. You can’t remember the name of the beard?
    Hip hip hooray, I’m finally able to get Blaugustine – tried to follow links there from elsewhere previously without success.
    Have a good trip, much love.

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