Oh what a beautiful morning…

…oh what a beautiful day. Yesterday, now. But even the passing of midnight hasn’t lessened the effect.

I twirl across the mountain meadow warbling a happy song, regardless of the fact that the song is in Oklahoma and the mountain is in Austria.

How extraordinary to feel happy. Really, it is extra to the ordinary. Such a surprise, a novel sensation. Almost frightening in its intensity.

And what can have caused this? I have absolutely no idea. It could have been the weather – sunny outside and not so cold inside hunched over the keyboard that I had to wear sheepskin boots and two fleeces. Maybe it was the long sleep – I didn’t wake up until after 11am. But both these conditions have been met on other occasions and not resulted in joy.

There is no extrinsic cause I can discern for this mood. And intrinsic? How could I tell? The chemistry of my brain is a mystery to me.

I’ve been enjoying it like a pebble off the beach sun-warm in my hand, small and flecked with surprising colours. And the day has just got better and better. Superb music redolent of the time I finally escaped from home; work achieved; laughter with friends; children delightful; far-away friends phoning out of the blue; more superb (and utterly appropriate) music.

The only photograph I have from the day is this one, taken on my phone outside the post office.

doll bike seat

The doll reminded me of the only doll I ever loved whom I called, who knows why, Pandora. I remember sitting under the ironing board in the kitchen with Pandora in my arms while my pressed clothes above my head. In a patch of sunlight.

4 Replies to “Oh what a beautiful morning…”

  1. Pandora was sent, with box, as punishment for Prometheus’ stealing of fire to give to humanity. Hope alone remained in the box, once all the evil’s were loosed. Prometheus took hope and gave that to humankind. But of course you knew that.

  2. Indeed. Hooray! Lucy, I knew that subsequent to the naming of the doll. How that name came about I know not – I loved the sound of the syllables but can’t work out how or where I could have heard them. But all in all highly appropriate.

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