The streets are paved with the ghosts of leaves, faint shadowed fadings where once colour was.


Maybe it is a chemical process akin to that used by some to explain the image on the Turin shroud.


Neither water nor oil, flowing and filming across the surfaces, are sufficient swiftly to remove these signs. I have not tried wine.


Do these atoms bonded to brick and bitumen ever return in recycled spring leaf resurrection?


My mother died, about a year ago. This off focus imprecision still stains. Black bonded scar no scrubbing cleans.

9 Replies to “Leaving”

  1. Damn, that’s great! I hope you submit this to the Festival of the Trees.

    Not much sidewalk where I live, but I’ve seen those leaf prints on rare forays into so-called civilization (without *really* seeing them the way you have). I suppose they’re from the tannin in the leaves, leached out by rain, dew and/or frost.

  2. Lovely shots. I’ve also noticed the leaf stains on the sidewalks and streets, although I will say that days of rain and/or the mushifying of thousands of leaves begins to wash it away or maybe cover it over with blurring layers such that you can’t see specific shapes anymore. Maybe life does that to you, too.

  3. (o)s are lovely Jean, and thanks for all the feedback. Leslee, I sometimes feel exactly as though I’ve been walked over by a thousand pedestrians and covered in wet rotting leaves πŸ™‚ But it passes.

  4. Sorry to have missed this. I’ve been noticing ghostly leaves on the pavement this fall too, with the same somewhat eerie sensations. Thinking about you and your mum tonight.

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