Happy techno gadget love joy

When your day starts out crap there’s nothing like receiving a small (and not very expensive) bit of kit in the post.

Which, you will have correctly inferred, is what happened to me today. One of these babies plopped onto the doormat in a padded envelope. And that’s because I was so excited by the pre-launch spec that I pre-ordered.

It arrived while I was conversing (via IM) with my colleague the similarly techno-joyful Georgia, and she demanded proof of its pudding.

Thus it was that while visiting another former colleague (see previous entry for more), Kevin Anderson, who’s also a good friend of Global Voices, I shoved my new toy under his nose for demonstration purposes, reviewable here.

Not bad for something so small, I think you’ll agree. And at the low quality setting. I’m highly pleased.

And while there I was also able to take some pictures for Jeremy of the Ken Saro-Wiwa memorial sculpture about which he writes here and then here.

Hi Jeremy! Hope they give some idea of how it’s bedding down in its surroundings.





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