6 Replies to “Rather how I feel”

  1. Heh. I feel neither gorgeous nor even vaguely obscene. It’s the “glass” of a station waiting room which has been burnt. I presume someone held a lighter to it. I had to spend quite some time on a platform in the rain yesterday so took pictures to pass the time.

  2. Interesting photo. Sorry you’re feeling… well, as the photo. Hope things turn around soon. Mercury is retrograde, you know, until this weekend.

  3. Amazing. I thought at first glance it was some sort of obscure seed-pod blown down by Autumn winds. Still not sure how you feel – grey and burnt out? Sorry if so… Mercury retrograde is I believe a trickster with communication. Look forward to normal service…

  4. I thought it was a flower. Then a vagina. Then a loudspeaker. Then realised what it was.

    Great pic, but v. sorry to hear you feel like that. Doesn’t look a good way to feel.

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