This is an experiment.

layered tree

Trying to capture the luminosity of the low late autumn sun on the changing multi-coloured leaves, the shadow across the foliage.

I took the same picture at three different exposures – correct and -1 and +1. I then used the over-exposed picture as the baseline and layered the other two on top at 75% opacity each.

Of course a series of hand-held shots of something which by its very nature is shifting around a lot is perhaps not the ideal first attempt at this technique which relies on being able to align exactly similar images one on top of the other. But I think the result is pleasing nonetheless.

Below the fold I’ve lined up small versions of the final composite alongside the three constituent images which have all been treated in exactly the same way in order to compare the results.

What do you think, does it work? or is it, apart from the slight cropping, indistinguishable from the correctly exposed version?

tree +1
tree -1
tree -0-
layered tree small
layered tree

Maybe I need to tweak the opacities.

2 Replies to “Luminous?”

  1. I like it and I do think it has more depth than the original.

    I suspect that if you were going to blow it up and print it then you’d have to ue a tripod. I find that the net is much more forgiving than print medium.

  2. It is a beautiful tree. I’m afraid I know nothing of layering or indeed photography in general, but it is a lovely tree.

    It was great to meet you on Sat – you were one of the few people I had proper conversations with. And I shall never forget the cake or the cafe – which I shall definitely revisit next time I’m able. I tried to persuade my companion to take me there on Sunday afternoon, so that I could have more of The Amazing Chocolate Cake, but he said it was too far in the wrong direction. I wonder if I could convince them to post me a piece…

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